Additional Information

Herbalist, Huu Tieu is an employee of Golden Sunrise Pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical.  He has researched and worked with herbs extensively, for 30+ years.  Mr. Tieu's research was directed at finding an herbal combination which would allow the body to receive the  maximum benefit from either herbal treatment, or traditional medical treatment.  The culmination of this research was Imunstem and Aktiffvate.

Imunstem is a regenerative cell/herbal combination, which strengthens a patient's immune system.  The obvious advantages for the patient is an ability to fight, naturally, whatever condition they suffer from; as well as absorb the full benefit of their medications. Patients with diseases such as Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. have experienced very good results with Imunstem. See testimonials on YouTube under Golden Sunrise Pharmaceutical or Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical.

Imunstem, while an herbal dietary supplement has received the seal of approval by the FDA. FDA did not regulate herbal dietary supplements, at one time, now they fall under the category of "Complimentary and Alternative Medicine". This category covers oriental based herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, and pythomedicine. All of which have been around for hundreds of years.

Aktiffvate, is another product developed by Mr. Tieu, which "activates" or "boosts" Imunstem.  They are normally taken in conjunction with each other.

Golden Sunrise  Nutraceutical also developed KemoHerb1, KemoHerb2, and KemoHerb3 to naturally combat cancer. To read more regarding these products and others developed by Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical , please visit their website., or YouTube.

In 2018, Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical approached our non-profit, UAHA and asked for help in making their products, specifically Imunstem and Aktiffvate, more readily available to the public. While there is a great need for these products, some physicians will not issue a prescription for Imunstem, and therefore the patient out of pocket the cost.  As a result of this, many who would benefit from Imunstem are unable to purchase Imunstem.  UAHA has agreed to accept donations, on behalf of Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical, with the donations being applied to the cost of the products, lowering the total cost to the patient.  A portion of the donated monies, are also used to further Golden Sunrise's research to develop herbal treatments for other life-threatening diseases/conditions. Please keep in mind that results vary per patient.